Friday, May 7, 2010

Boo Rossini "1st Of Da Month" Puttin In Work Special Edition mixed by DJ No-Good

On June the 1st, check yo P.O.'s and head to your local liquor stores to cash them checks cause it's on! It's the "1st Of Da Month" andDJ No-Good is at it again, this time around, with fellow Mississippi Native, Boo Rossini (1Life1Love/CTE/Def Jam Recording Artist). Bringing you that pure uncut dope boy sh**, this is destined to be one the hottest mixtapes of the summer.

Boo, originally from Canton, MS later moved to and ran the rap game in Jackson, MS aka Cracktown in the mid 90's. Today, he is label mates with one of the dopest MC in the game, Young Jeezy, CEO of Corporate Thugs Entertainment fellow member of the super group USDA! Boo & Jeezy had been road dawgs since before the deal with Def Jam and had worked together on Jeezy's "Trap or Die" mixtape on one of it's stand out bangers Miss Me with that Rap Sh*t!

No-Good had previously worked with Boo during his days with J-Records. They'd known each other from running into each other at Industry Events and gatherings. Once Introduced through his management and long time friend Janky John, the rest was inevitable.

"This is a very Special Edition of "Puttin N' Work" for me. I have a lot of respect for Boo, cause through all the bull in this game, he persevered. 1st of the month will embody the full scope of Boo's RAW talent and will definitely let the world know what I've known for many years now… Boo Rossini is the n***a to look for. He is the future, he is, the "#1 D-Boy" in this game called RAP!" - DJ No-Good

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