Monday, July 18, 2011

[HOOD CINEMA] GET MONEY starring Master P & Gucci Mane

Percy Miller and Radric Davis head the cast of Get Money a dramatic and comedic film that examines a street hustler and philosopher experiencing a mid-life crisis. Miller aka Master P plays Monster a southern street hustler who has a way with words and women.
There’s no success without struggle. He’s 33 with kids and a good woman at his side that wants him to change his life. Monster has been chasing his music dreams for a while but he feels like his opportunities are slim to none. Therefore, he continues to live the street life.
Radric Davis aka Gucci Mane playsBig G, Monster’s long time friend and partner in crime. Even though they get money together on the streets, Big Gbelieves that they have real talent and street credibility that could get them out of the hood and into the Hip Hop music business.
Distracted by poverty, they hit a lick worth one million dollars from a rival gang. Meanwhile, Monstertries to balance his street life with his family life at home. His fiancé Precious constantly tries to convince him to get out of the game but it seems like it’s no use because the streets keep calling him back in. Monster and Big G find themselves in a deadly game in which death hits close to home. They have a choice to make… the love for their family and their music or the money and respect from the streets. Hip Hop’s most loved bad guys, the Ice Cream Men are back to take their talents to the big screen in the most anticipated street movie of 2011. Get Money!
Additional cast members include Miss Chee, Meek Mill, Michael Blackson, Meagan Good, Bengie, Gangsta, OakTree, T-BO, Kay-i, Eastwood, Silkk The Shocker, G5J, AJ Johnson and Terry Miles.
Original soundtrack inspired by the motion picture. Executive produced by Master P and Gucci Mane. Produced by No Limit Forever Films in association with Brick Squad. This film is rated R.
Movie and soundtrack coming August 2011.
Hollywood True Report says, “Get Money is the modern day King of New York.”
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